Two in a Row

The 1966 Brawner Hawk was a refinement of Clint's first car, its success an indicator of the team's growing
familiarity and comfort with rear-engine race car engineering.

En route to its second consecutive USAC Championship, the Dean Van Lines Special started on pole 10
times that season and won eight races, including the Hoosier Grand Prix. Brawner had a contract with
Firestone and support from Ford (even though he would, on occasion, tell them off over a lack of quality in
their passenger cars while asking for free engines) and had maintained his team as one of Indy racing's elite
even after the switchover to rear engine cars. Unlike many other ex-roadster teams that simply could not get
a handle on the formula –type cars, Brawner had created an Indy racer that worked on ovals of all sizes and
road courses, too.

By the end of season though, the Hawk was showing its age twice as fast as the old, venerable, same-tube-
chassis-for-years roadsters became non-competitive. The rate of new technologies and construction
techniques had gone up so Brawner began working on the Hawk MKII.

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